'At Home in Croatia' Package

We are aware that deciding to move elsewhere is not done in a day. It is rather a result of a long process of reflection in which we would like to support you. It is a decision that takes time and generates multiple uncertainties: is it this city a good place to live? Are the locals nice? Is it easy to integrate local life?

To help you deal with these uncertainties and to help you make your decision with confidence we created the package 'At Home in Croatia'. The principle is simple, you decide on the duration of your stay and make a list of several Croatian regions that you would like to experience and we will help you find rentals that match your needs in regions of your choice. During your stay you will taste local life and discover the charm of each region. You will also have time to learn more about the local real estate market (type of properties available, average prices in different regions etc...). 

Renting a house for only few months will allow you to discover Croatia and its regions without real commitment. You will be able to change your mind at any time in case that local life does not meet your expectations.

Once you know Croatia like the back of your hand, you can easily decide where you want to settle. Inland or on the coast, you will surely find the region that fits you and your lifestyle!

What we offer is an authentic experience to help you decide if the chosen destination is made for you and to finalise your project to settle in Croatia in the best possible way!

If after a rental you decide to buy a property through our agency we will deduct the rental agency fees from our sale's commission.



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