Discover Croatia during off-season!

MI-DOMA offers unbeatable off-season rates for long-term stays of two weeks or more. Take advantage of the milder weather, the natural beauty and exciting activities you can be a part of during your off-season stay in Croatia!

If you too don’t like crowds and sweltering summer heat, off-season is indeed the best choice for you. Croatia has a rich offer all year round and visiting in the off-season will definitely give you a different perspective of this beautiful Mediterrean country. 

Although summer is the most popular time to visit, fall and spring have the best weather, as it's not too hot or cold. In spring and autumn the coast is gorgeous, the crowds are sparse and prices are lower. It’s also the perfect time for outdoor activities such as walks in the nature, mountain-biking, hiking, cycling, rafting or kayaking. Take advantage of the off-season period for themed stays, for example cultural tourism. Or if you prefer a foodie holiday with gastronomic tours and vineyard visits, why not exploring, for example, the vine roads of Slavonia and Baranja and their fameous gastronomic tradition?

During your long stay you can combine two or more regions to get a better overview of the diverse landscapes and contrasting regional identities. The region you choose to visit will depend on what you’re looking for. The Robinson Crusoe style holiday in Northern Dalmatia? A romantic rendezvous with the nature in the region of Lika? Zen holiday to restore your harmony and balance in the heart of Istria?

Whether your passions are nature, sport activities, shopping, enjoying entertainment events, food tasting, visiting museums or visiting spas - there is fun for everybody. Croatia offers so much to do all year round!

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