Retirement in the sun in Croatia


Croatia offers many benefits to pensioners: a very pleasant climate on the coast all year round, preserved landscape, ancient cultures, good medical care at very reasonable cost, low costs of living and the proximity of western Europe with facility of access by car or plane. 

A pleasant climate on the coast throughout the year

Bordered by the Adriatic, Croatian coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers and mild winters. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant periods - the weather is beautiful and the nature is fascinating.

Attractive cost of living

With a cost of living on average 40% lower than in France or Belgium, Croatia is a country where one can live comfortably with Western European income.

The real estate prices are much lower than on the French Riviera and the available surfaces are larger.

Prices at the restaurants are generally much lower than the price you see on the coast of southern and western France.

The prices in the supermarket are lower, especially for Croatian products and fresh locally grown food.

Breath-taking landscapes and unspoiled nature

Croatia has 8 National Parks, 11 Nature Parks and two Strict Reserves. The Croatian government is aware of the beauty of its landscapes and invests heavily in safeguarding its natural heritage. Croatian parks such as Plitvice, Kornati and Brijuni have a reputation that extends far beyond national borders. Croatia can also be proud of its incredible flora where in terms of the number of plant species found, Croatia is ahead of most European countries. Croatian fauna, on the other side, is represented by endemic species such as the famous brown bears of Velebit, bottlenose dolphins, lynx, human fish and many more.

Living and vibrant culture

The territory of today’s Croatia has in past been Illyrian, Ostrogothic, Roman, Venetian, Ottoman, Italian, Napoleonic, Austro-Hungarian and Yugoslavian. All this powers have left behind rich cultural, artistic and architectural legacy. 

Many festivals mark life in Croatia and will allow you to discover many facets of Croatian culture through music, gastronomy, traditions, film ...  The culture in Croatia is not lived only in museums. 

A rich and varied gastronomy with multiple influences

Still relatively unknown, Croatian gastronomy deserves attention for several reasons. Product quality is supported by the strong tradition of excellence that craftsmen master perfectly. Croatian cuisine is characterized by the influences of Mediterranean, Balkan, Turkish and Central European cuisines. You can taste the diversity of Croatian culinary patrimony all year round through many food festivals. Among the most emblematic products we can quote famous sheep milk cheese from the island of Pag, the wine Vugava the island of Vis, wild pear "rakia" from Buzet, Istrian white truffle…  Without any doubt, gourmets will find on Croatian soils new playground to explore and enjoy.

Country where you feel safe

In the latest study on the quality of life of the citizens of each EU member country, the European Union reported only 2.5% of Croatian population said being exposed to problems of crime, violence or vandalism. For comparison, for the same problems the rate is 15.3% in France and 16.2% in Belgium.

Quality medical services

Croatia has been classified by the United Nations among highly developed countries that has good public health infrastructure. Moreover, over the past serval years Croatia became a top global destination for health tourism, most notably for dental and plastic surgery. Croatia's first medical health services platform 'Modus Health system' comprises over 180 top quality healthcare institutions (dental, optical, gynecological, orthopedic, physical therapy clinics etc.) providing quality service to its members, without waiting and long-lasting procedures at affordable prices.

Regarding social security, under the European Regulation (EC) No. 987/2009, the citizens of EU member states can benefit from Croatian social protection system and can access health care in Croatia for free. For example, if you are a French pensioner and you move to Croatia, you can transfer your rights to health insurance. You will be attached to Croatian social protection system and your health care costs will be reimbursed.

Easy to access and close to western Europe

Whether you come by plane (2 hours max. from all European cities) or by car (motorway access from all over Europe), Croatia is easy to access.

Most major and low cost airlines are serving Zagreb, Pula, Split or Dubrovnik. 

By car you can take advantage of excellent Croatian motorway infrastructure that makes driving between major centres a quick affair.



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