Services related to property acquisition

We provide our customers with assistance during the entire property purchase process in Croatia from the definition of the property sought until the completion of the transaction. 

The service of support during property acquisition is of course included in the agency fees when you buy a property through our agency.

In case you have found a property through a non-partner agency or a private individual, we can also assist you during the purchase process with our wide range of services related to property acquisition.

Services related to property acquisition

The services related to property acquisitions are the following:

  • the verification of the property title and the legal status of the property (mortgages, easments, 'etažiranje', eventual ongoing legalization procedures)
  • application for different types of certificates ('Uvjerenje o namjeni zemljišta', 'Lokacijska informacija', 'Uvjerenje o vremenu evidentiranja građevine izgrađenje do 1968.)
  • the verification of the cadastre
  • the negotiation of the purchase price
  • the support for the creation of a company or a subsidiary in Croatia if necessary (for legal entities) 
  • the examination and analysis of the legal aspects of documents relating to the purchase (preliminary contract and / or sales contrat, declaration of payment)
  • translation of documents relating to the purchase 
  • assistance in the process of seeking approval from the Ministry of Justice for the purchase of real estate for citizens of countries outside the EU
  • the registration of the title of ownership on your behalf at the Land Registy
  • the transfer of utilities (water, gas, electricity ..) to your name 

The price depends on the property price as well as on the number of services demanded and is to be evaluated on the case-by-case basis. It varies between 2% and 4% of the selling price + VAT, but not less than 2,000.00 € + VAT.

We also offer a range of support services with the help of selected service providers in Croatia. The areas covered are legal advice, tax advice, financing solutions and home insurance.



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